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An Advise from a 30 years Experience Surfer

Hey there! 

My name is Edgard also kwnow as  “Chele Schleusz”, I had been surfing since 1982 and running the K59 Surf Resort  business since 1999.

As local and traveler had been through many experiences about finding the right spot!  

One of the keypoints to avoid are crowded beaches for many reasons. Here I will share some thoughts about it:

  • Too crowded by tourists so we had to share waves 
  • Too many tourists means beaches are dirty
  • When crowd comes the mix of surfers happens som pros and other beginners which mean accidents happen
  • Night parties! Im ok to go to party but when you are focus your mind to surfing you need a quiet place 
  • Parking spots! when people comes everyone brings their car 


As a profesional surfer that’s what I am looking for to avoid in order to have a great experience and ride waves, every time I travel no matter the country same happens: crowded beaches, lot of tourist and less focus on the spot! If we are in the same page you know what I mean!


What can you Find at K59?

K59 is a great beach area  and offers powerful right waves with great tubes and fast sections. This point was unknown for many years.

There is also K61, right point break which is only 500 mts (0.31 mile) away from K59 and offers great waves with long rides and barrels. The coastal scenery seen from the water at K59 and K61 is breathtaking.

K59 area is surrounded by beautiful mountains and ancient forest, which makes it great for an enjoyable hiking tour.

Local surfers are very good athletes and people they never bother you in the water!!

Surfing El Salvador, at La Libertad will get you to know many other surf spots closet to K59, like World famous Punta Roca ( Originally known as Road de Tepeagua ), perfect right point break, fast and hollow, sometimes crowded especially during weekends; Conchalio, great beach break, hollow tubes, with the right conditions is a perfect totally uncrowned; La Bocana, great river mouth, left hand wave and always hot surf, Sunzal, right point break, the longest wave in El Salvador perfect for long boards and short boards, can handle many surfers, crowded especially during weekends; Mizata, point and beach break, mellow wave with few surfers around.

We can guarantee that, when the surf is up and waves are only a few steps from your bedroom, no one in the bunch will want to surf any where else but K59.


Surf Paradise, Awesome Weather, Easy Access


Swimming pool

Our resort offers a beatiful swimming pool ocean front so you can rest your self to prepare for the next set

Other Activities

El Salvador is know for having lot of activities such as moto enduro, trekking also night clubs and bars are closer

Order Food

Our resort offers meal service, our personal chef, you will be in charge, kitchen is open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm also Salvadorian coffee from 6 am.

Surf Trips

Surf trips to other spots around k59 1 person $50.00 and from 2 or more $ 25.00 per person .

Beach Front

The Resort is located in front of the ocean, the surf is up and waves are only a few steps from your bedroom, no one in the bunch will want to surf any where else but K59.


Clean confort rooms with different options in bedrooms, all accomodations incliude A/C, TV, private bathroom, Internet, hammocks

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Airport transfers

Looking for Airport Transfers?

  • 1 person $170.00 round trip
  •  2 personas $ 85.00 per person round trip
  •  3 person $ 60.00 per person round trip, round trip
  •  4 person or more $70.00 per person round trip


Transfers by Transportes el Torok59.




Great waves,great staff,awesome food ,and easy . Perfect surf trip 👌 ..youll go back

Great staff, food, and waves. What could be better? Very fair price.

Great staff, food, and waves. What could be better? Very fair price.

Are you Ready to Surf
the Best waves?

Are you Ready to Surf
the Best waves?

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